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Home Remodeling Tips
“People in the know, always call a PRO”


As sure as spring is the season when many homeowners are inspired to make improvements to their home, this spring there will also be reports of rogue contractors conning area homeowners. Consumers who are planning home improvement projects should consider some important advice before hiring a contractor.

Below is a list of warning signs that should indicate a contractor is not on the level:
•A contractor approaches you about damage to your property.
•You’re told you’ve been chosen as a demonstration project at a special price.
•You’re told a contract “won’t be necessary.”
•You’re asked to pay for the entire job upfront.
•You’re told the price is only good for today.
•The contractor can’t provide references.
•You can’t verify a business address.
•High-pressure sales tactics
•Free inspection – “Pay only if I find something.”
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