Professional Remodelers Organization


The Professional Remodelers Organization is a not-for-profit trade association with over 40 years of experience committed exclusively to the service of the professional remodeling industry. PRO represents professional remodeling contractors, product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, trade publications, and lending institutions.

The PRO membership is comprised of only licensed and insured contractors who are in good standing with the local remodeling community and have at least two years’ experience in their field. All applicants for membership are thoroughly scrutinized and agree to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Look for the PRO logo when selecting a contractor, the PRO logo is the mark of a professional.

Our goal is to educate and provide guidance with home improvement needs to the communities we represent. The lowest estimate is not always the best. When hiring a contractor for your project, do not blindly accept the lowest estimate. Ask the contractor why his price is higher or lower than another. Have all contractors considered all the details necessary for your project’s success? Often times, a higher price may be worth the cost of better materials and service. Remember your remodeling dollars spent represent a permanent investment in your home. Choosing a company with which you feel at ease and one that is well-matched to the scope and complexity of your particular project is extremely important.
Call the PRO office for a free directory of our entire membership.

If you are a contractor and are interested in joining we have much to offer you:

Call the PRO office at 419-471-0101 or email and we would be happy to discuss the benefits of membership in more detail.