Professional Remodelers Organization

PRO Scholarship Program

Professional Remodelers Organization
2017 Scholarship Program

Purpose: The scholarship program’s purpose is
to identify and honor exceptionally able high school
students, and to provide additional financial assistance to the
student. The 2017 Scholarship fund has $1,500.00 available with a
minimum Scholarship Award of $500.00.

Who Is Eligible?
High school seniors who are relatives of PRO members and PRO members employees and their families can apply for this scholarship..

To apply for the scholarship, students must submit this application form, along with the requirements listed below. All applications must be postmarked by April 30th or received in the PRO office by the close of business April 30, 2017.
Requirements for application are:
Copy of high school transcript, minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent of a “B” average.
250 word essay “What does a college education mean to me”.
Letter of acceptance from an accredited institution for higher education.
Letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer or clergy member.
5. Completed application form. Forms not fully completed will not be considered.

How Winners Are Selected
Scholarship winners will be chosen on a competitive basis based on their scholastic achievements.

Requirement of recipients:
Scholarship recipients will be required to be present and offer an acceptance speech at the
May, 2017 general membership meeting of PRO.
In August 2017 the scholarship recipient must provide PRO with a copy of their 2017 scheduled classes, and in return will receive their scholarship check. Recipients can only receive one scholarship.

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